Three words, Solana NFT staking. One price, free.

Have 10 minutes? That is about all you will need to get a fully functioning staking website up & running for your project.

Escrow staking

Fully on-chain solution. Staked NFTs secured in the escrow wallet. Reward stakers with your own token or native SOL.


No need to contact the team. Follow a simple wizard and get your staking website up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Free, forever

The service is completely free to the project. We charge a small transaction fee (0.01 SOL) to stakers for stake & unstake.

Creator tools

Staking analytics, customization, holder snapshot, token management, configuration updates, and more.

80,000+ NFTs, from 250+ collections, already staked!

FloppyLabs is a revenue sharing staking-as-a-service platform focused on quality, speed, and self-service. Free and painless set-up for the project owner. Revenue stream generated through small transaction fees will be shared with FloppyHeads NFTs holders, minting in April 2022.